Dear friends of the artistic experiment,

Art and technology are today becoming new, almost symbiotic alliances, producing something unheard of. The current sound and performance concepts of the city and cross-divisional festival "Blaues Rauschen" owe their existence to digitality, the networking of digital and analog realities. Entirely new ways of working and understanding in the arts and the humanities correspond with the barely tested, let alone exhausted possibilities of technical transformation. This includes the knowledge of the short-term durability of artistic experiments. Never before was a work so transitory as it is today. The struggle for the only true, eternally valid form, which was inherent in earlier creative processes both in the fine arts and in music, has given way to the desire for border-blazing and intoxicating volatility. However, the fact that the anticipation of imminent insignificance in any innovation that has just been celebrated does not discourage the creative artists, but rather spurs on extraordinary creativity, we are experiencing for the second time in Herne, Dortmund and Essen this year for the first time in Gelsenkirchen and Bochum.
I'm in it and I'm curious! My thanks go to the organizers, the sponsors and finally the audience, who reward the courage of the creators with their openness and interest.


Muchtar Al Ghusain
Alderman for Youth, Education and Culture of the City of Essen