Dear audience, dear guests,

the pompous, with sweeping gesture staged cultural festivals are dear to us. The media are excited, big names of the art are acted, famous intendants or „Impressarios“ shine, and in retrospect quantities of carefully counted visitor records and criticism flood decide on the meaning of the just experienced.
The silent stars of art or music festivals such as "Blaues Rauschen" of the association "Open Systems" are valuable: clever arrangers, persuasion devotees are dedicated to an artistic mission. Encounter and exchange of opinions, joint production and vigilance for artistic development, seismographic flair are among the qualities of this festival type. Since 1996 "Open Systems" offers listening experiences of contemporary music in and for the Ruhrgebiet. The convention takes a back seat, the unknown, the unusual, and therefore the musically important thing to do. In the multi-city organizer community, the makers of the festival have come up with an appropriate and compatible music program for the media culture city of Dortmund in the age of digitality. We may listen with great tension...and we may feel deeply amazed.
I would like to thank "Open Systems" and all partners for their constant commitment to all festival participants, and to all guests I wish audibly valuable hours.


Jörg Stüdemann
City Director and Alderman for Finance, Real Estate and Culture of the City of Dortmund