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Postponed to spring 2021
Dortmund // Bochum // Essen

BLUE NOISE - expect the unexpected


BLUE NOISE - expect the unexpected: This festival for electronic music and digital experiments explores possibilities that current technical developments offer artists and their audience.

BLUE NOISE 2021 focuses on the interaction of artistic activities, technical innovations and political control and poses the question of audio futures. How do the boundaries between the arts and social subsystems blur and how do the demarcations between analog and digital change? Which grid of production and perception are questioned and changed? It is important to artistically capture the “driving forces” of digital change and make them aesthetically perceptible.

We present artists who use the possibilities of analog / digital or purely digital technology to take artistic and political positions on questions of current social developments.

In April 2021 concerts, performances, installations and lectures will take place in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen. Based on the Pecha Kucha lecture technique, the artists perform in 20-minute slots and almost without a break in a row.

In advance, BLAUES RAUSCHEN launches its “satellites”: small-format concerts and performances in exciting locations. Evenings are planned in the atelier automatique / Bochum, in the Hotel Shanghai and in the Labor 519 / Essen and in the Mex cellar of the Künstlerhaus Dortmund.

Three artists and / or formations will perform at the new TRESOR WEST / Dortmund, the festival continues at the OVAL OFFICE (Schauspielhaus Bochum). The finale will take place on the CASA stage in Essen. Lecture performances on the topic of algorithmic composition and distribution (plus discussion) are followed by presentations of acoustic-media positions in the field of tension between analog and digital creativity.

Karl-Heinz Blomann & Eckart Waage


Blaues Rauschen Trailer 1 (2018)

Blaues Rauschen Trailer 2 (2018)

Festival City Tour (2018)

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